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American  Building Concepts construction company approach to providing construction services for any  project is to participate as a complete "Team Member" with the Owner and  Design Team to meet the project requirements.

We do not believe our role is to be as a "contractor on the other side of the table". The ultimate goal of the Team is to deliver any project and to leave with "Pride of Ownership". 

Hit and Run contractors are only interested in finishing quick and moving along. 

Our  concept of Client relations is "We don't build Projects, we build  Relationships." 

All of our efforts are focused around this premise.

From  our Executive prospect review process, through our execution in the  field, we are constantly asking ourselves how can we exceed even our own  expectations.

There is no better feeling than bonding with a project and feeling almost a sense of loss when the project wraps up.


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The ultimate goal of our Team is to deliver any project and to leave with "Pride of Ownership".

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